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Create energy all year round even at night.

Huge financial energy savings.

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TDUK are the market leader for Thermodynamic Solar Assisted Heat Pumps, offering a domestic and commercial product range.  Our hot water system is designed specifically for the UK climate and works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even at night.

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Operates in ALL Conditions

Unlike traditional Solar Energy products, thermodynamic solar assisted heat pump systems work in all conditions, including everything the British weather can throw at them.  As they work on ambient temperature, they will even work in the middle of the night.

thermodynamics works 24 hours a day 7 days a week


thermodynamics works in the rain


thermodynamics works in the snow


thermodynamics does not need sunlight


Really pleased with the system

Really Pleased with the system, and to have the feeling of having all my hot water produced for free is a nice feeling. From start to finish it’s been a pleasure dealing with TDUK. I would highly recommend. Mrs Nuthall Wiltshire ← Previous...
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Really pleased with the work

Installation Date: 22nd June 2016 Very successful installation. The workmen were very professional and we are really pleased with the work, would highly recommend. Mr Willis & Mrs Bridges Hereford ← Previous Testimonial Next Testimonial...
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We will never again run out of hot water

We have installed a thermodynamic system with TDUK as we are passionate about green energy, expect savings on our utility bills and a return on our investment over time. Furthermore, it came with the offering of a pressurised water system, meaning that we were able to...
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Successful Installation

TDUK successfully installed a thermodynamic renewable energy system to my property, and as a result the panel now produces all our domestic hot water. Mr & Mrs Beeston ← Previous Testimonial Next Testimonial...
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Lovely Product!

Installation Date: 26th May 2016 Lovely product ! really impressed in the system. Installation was fantastic and overall customer service I can’t fault ! Mr Pal Coventry ← Previous Testimonial Next Testimonial...
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Very Pleased with Constant Hot Water

We are very pleased with the constant hot water and the quiet efficiency of the system.
Great service from start to finish! Customer service has been first class.

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Our hot water is now being supplied only by the thermodynamic system

I am very pleased with the Installation. From the initial survey to completion it was a smooth process!

Our hot water is now being supplied only by the thermodynamic system, and I will be recommending this and TDUK to my friends and Family.

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From start to finish the service from TDUK was First Class

On the day of installation the 2 work men were friendly, professional and left my house spotless. I would definitely recommend thermodynamics to anyone

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Seems to be a quiet and really reliable system

The installers did a really good job despite the awful weather and I am now looking forward to saving loads of money off my heating of water. Seems to be a quiet and really reliable system

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We are very pleased indeed with its performance

Our hot water is now being supplied only by the thermodynamic system, but so far we have noticed no difference in temperature, flow rate or quantity from when it came from our oil-fired combination boiler

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I am totally delighted with the whole system

The builders who did the work were friendly and very efficient, and I am delighted with the final result. The panel is on a back wall in the garden, the tank is at the back of my garage, and I now have a complete cupboard upstairs where the old tank used to be

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At every stage, we have been treated courteously

Having analysed the facts and figures, we are confident that our thermodynamic system is going to work out extremely cost effective, saving us a considerable amount of money over the years to come

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Save energy bills with a solar assisted heat pump

A better return on your money

The typical return on investment for a thermodynamic system is between 8-14%, rising each year as energy prices increase, a far superior return than with any high street savings account.

£10,000 invested today in a savings account might generate you £350 in a year, spend less on thermodynamics and get more back!

solar assisted heat pump can help reduce your carbon footprint

Become Self Sufficient

with a Solar Assisted Heat Pump

Enjoy the benefits of generating your own energy, enough to produce 100% of your domestic hot water requirements and of course, with thermodynamics you are using less finite fossil fuels which is kinder to our environment.

Energy Prices

Energy Bills Rise By 36% In Three Years

Gas and electricity prices are rising at up to eight times the rate of earnings, warns Citizens Advice (17th November 2013).

50% Bill Increase

Energy UK warns that household bills could rise by 50% over six years. Chief executive blames government policies and network costs, as EDF becomes latest supplier to increase prices.

Ofgem Issue Warning

Annual fuel bills for the average household have reached £1,420. This is according to reports released by Ofgem, government regulator for gas and electricity markets in Great Britain.

Save on Energy

On average a boiler is responsible for around 80% of the home’s energy use, reducing the use of your boiler can make major savings.


Energy Bills Rise by 36% in Three Years


50% Bill Increase within 6 Years


Boilers responsible for over 80% of average home's energy use

Why rent when you could buy?

You are already paying each month for the energy you use to generate your hot water, immediately after installation you stop paying this to the energy company and use the savings to fund your thermodynamics system, effectively the difference between renting or buying your energy.

The money you spend each month on generating hot water, you will never get back and with energy prices continuing to rise year in, year out due to dwindling resources, your savings will continue to increase, allowing you to fund your purchase sooner.

solar assisted heat pump hot water better return than solar

Is your property “off-grid”?

Find out how your energy source compares


One of the most popular off-grid energy sources, but is it cost effective for you?


Clean and convenient, but you could be making HUGE savings!

Solar Thermal

The downsides of Solar Thermal might surprise you…

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