I am totally delighted with the whole system

thermodynamics solar assisted heat pump for hot water

Installation Date: 18th April 2016

I decided to have a Thermboil water heater fitted in order to save energy.  I already had a solar water heater on the roof, but the disadvantage of that is that you get very little hot water in the winter, and on hot summer days the tank in the airing cupboard makes the whole upstairs unbearably hot.  In addition, it’s rather ugly.  I was impressed by photos of the heat exchange panel with the Thermboil system so decided to go for that and have the solar panel removed.

An engineer visited me to explain how the system works and to decide where to put the units.  In the end it took 2 days to install the system, but there was virtually no mess or real inconvenience.  The builders who did the work were friendly and very efficient, and I am delighted with the final result.  The panel is on a back wall in the garden, the tank is at the back of my garage, and I now have a complete cupboard upstairs where the old tank used to be.   In addition, I have a constant supply of hot water, which replenishes itself when required automatically, so I don’t have to think about it at all.

I am totally delighted with the whole system, and I only wish it had been available years ago.

Mrs Richardson
Banbury, Oxon

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