Off Grid Energy Sources

If you live off the grid and cannot have the mains connected to your property, your off-grid energy options have been rather limited in the past. From efficiency to the cost and environmental impact, the current alternatives are fraught with drawbacks. With the introduction of thermodynamics from TDUK, there is now a better way to supply your home with hot water.

off grid energy alternative to oil for heating of hot water


Oil is widely used due to its abundance and capacity for generating huge amounts of power. However, when compared with our thermodynamic panels, the positives of oil are drastically outweighed by the negatives. Oil is affected by fluctuating market prices which can make it a premium option. With our thermodynamics system, there is a one-time installation with no need for repeat deliveries.

Our thermodynamic panels will provide your home with energy all year round and do not need sunlight to operate as they absorb heat energy straight from the atmosphere. In comparison, oil is limited by availability. If deliveries are delayed or stolen, you could find yourself very quickly without hot water. So, say goodbye to oil, and say hello to a far more efficient thermodynamic system.

off grid energy alternative to LPG for hot water and heating


LPG shares its main disadvantage with oil. In fact, LPG is by far the most expensive energy source for off-grid properties. This is largely due to the requirement for regular, ongoing maintenance which pushes up the initial cost. At TDUK, we have assisted many homeowners with LPG in making the switch to thermodynamics.

The beauty of thermodynamics is that it has the lowest running costs of all off-grid energy sources. Plus, this low-maintenance option requires very little upkeep, and unlike with LPG, you won’t have any accessibility options to worry about. Best of all, whereas LPG requires you to estimate your usage, our thermodynamic panels do not, ensuring that you never pay over the odds for your hot water.

off grid energy alternatives to solar thermal


On paper, solar panels are a fantastic option as they provide a renewable source of energy with virtually no running costs. In reality, due to their fragile nature, regular maintenance is required, and this can push the costs up. At TDUK, we advise customers with solar thermal panels to change over to our thermodynamic systems.

Our thermodynamic systems draw heat energy from the air, sun, wind and rain meaning that they will function 24/7. Solar panels are limited to serving as a supplementary energy source, whereas thermodynamics will provide 100% of your household’s hot water requirements. Plus, as the Renewable Heat Incentive has been removed from solar panels, there is no reason to choose solar thermal energy over thermodynamics.

If you have any of the above for your off grid energy source, find out how you can save money by producing 100% of your hot water 24/7 with a Thermodynamic Solar Assisted Heat Pump

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