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Earn £2500 with your renewable energy recommendations

Earn an EXTRA £2,500 from Renewable Energy Many people who have bought our Thermodynamic Hot Water System have been recommended by other satisfied customers.  At TDUK, we recognise and appreciate this and have introduced a fantastic way for our customers to become a... read more

Solar Power Pacific Flight Completed

An Important Event for Solar Power Solar Impulse has just completed one of the most important flights in history, completing its journey across the Pacific Ocean with a two and a half day flight from Hawaii to California using 100% solar power, following on from its... read more

UK on Track to Meet Renewable Energy Goals

The UK is on track to meet its renewable energy goals, with solar and wind power substituting for gas and coal use and driving down greenhouse gas emissions, according to new analyses. However, the actions of the government are likely to be crucial in deciding whether the legally binding targets can be met.

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What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable means that the energy won’t run out, unlike coal, oil and gas which will. Before we get started on renewable energies let’s take a look at non-renewable energy.

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Energy Saving Tips

We should all do our best to save energy, not just to keep our household bills lower, but also to protect our environment for future generations. Here are some of our tips for reducing your energy usage.

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Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems

If someone told you that a new solar panel would provide 100% of your hot water, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year if rain, shine or snow using thermodynamics, would you believe it?

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