The Oxyvent

A system designed to improve the performance of water based heating, increase comfort heating levels in the home and reduce fuel cost.

The Benefits

  • Reduces fuel bills
  • Increases radiant heat
  • Eliminates air locks and bleeding of radiators
  • Higher temperatures at floor level to increase comfort levels
  • Keeps boiler in condensing mode 100% of its operating time
  • Eliminates air, noise and poor circulation
  • Increase boiler efficiency
  • Reduces temperature difference between radiators
  • Fitted to all types of wet central heating and boiler system

What We Do

Before commencing any installation the existing system is power flushed to ensure it is clean. Each radiator is power flushed in turn until the entire system is completed.

  • We change the boiler temperature to 60oC
  • We provide the opportunity for the wall thermostat to be reduced
  • The system extracts air before it enters the radiators
  • We increase the flow rate to the radiators for faster and more efficient heat distribution
  • Convection heat is reduced to a minimum and radiation heat is increased, which increases comfort heating at low levels around the house
  • We lengthen the lifespan and enhance the performance of the existing boiler

A key feature of the system is its automatic extraction of air. Air is created by the water reacting with the pipework, a process commonly known as electrolysis. This can cause pump cavitation and irregular water flow. By extracting the air the system is kept at optimum performance and there is no need to bleed radiators.

The Complete System

  • Condensing boilers have been mandatory since 2005 for gas-fired boiler installations and 2007 for oil-fired boilers. (Part L1 Building Regulations)
  • Water vapour is produced during combustion and the boiler condenses this to liquid water, recovering its latent heat.
  • The efficiency of a condensing boiler is around 90% and a standard boiler around 70%. (SEDBUK rating guide)
  • However, the best kept boiler secret is that it is only at start-up that a condensing boiler will condense efficiency.

By installing an Oxyvent the system can be set up to ensure the boiler will condense all of the time and therefore will always work at maximum efficiency. This is made possible by dropping the temperature at the boiler down to 60°, which falls within the effective condensing range.

Awards & Development

The Oxyvent is a British made product which has received over 10 Years of development and testing, with a large amount of Investment. The system has been independently tested by Trinity College Dublin, Enertek International and Ferroli Boilers.

The product holds a Silver Award from the World International Inventions Fair in Geneva.  The system also won 2 Gold medals in 2014 at America’s largest Invention trade show in Pittsburgh.



Can you afford not to when…

  • One Box Fits all Domestic Systems

  • Balances heat levels in the room

  • No more warm head cold feet

  • Installed in 1 to 2 days

  • Ideal for domestic home owners and commercial properties

  • Makes good all untreatable common central heating problems

  • Saves money on fuel bills

  • Increases Lifespan of existing boiler and plumbing


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