What is Thermodynamics?

Thermodynamic Renewable Energy Systems are technically known as a Solar Assisted Heat Pumps. The system is able to collect heat energy from the air, sun, wind and rain 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Thermodynamics: How it Works

The system circulates an environmentally friendly fluid (refrigerant) to a panel, positioned on the outside of the property. The liquid refrigerant is at a negative temperature of -22⁰C when it enters the panel.

The significant difference in temperature between the liquid running through the panel and the outside air temperature means that the panel absorbs heat energy. As the liquid refrigerant absorbs heat energy it will begin to change into a gas. This gas is circulated back to the main unit positioned inside the house.

Inside the thermodynamic unit is a compressor, which will compress the gas thus releasing the heat energy that it has absorbed. This heat is then put through a heat exchange and into your domestic hot water. The entire process is very similar to how your fridge or freezer works.

how does thermodynamics work

The Benefits of a Thermodynamic System

thermodynamics hot water

Provides 100% of your Hot Water

thermodynamics can protect you from energy inflation

Protects Against Fuel Inflation

increase your property's saleability with a thermodynamics system

Increases Property Saleability

thermodynamics works 24 hours a day

Works 24 Hours a Day

thermodynamics collectors do not require sunlight unlike solar panels

Doesn't Require Sunlight

thermodynamics offers a better return on investment than banks or savings

Better ROI than Bank or Savings

reduce your energy bills with thermodynamics

Reduces Your Energy Bills

thermodynamics collectors can be installed on a wall not just a roof

Panel Mounts on Wall or Roof

reduce your carbon footprint with thermodynamics

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint


A domestic thermodynamic system will normally only take one day to install, however some of our larger installations may fall into two days.

We use our highly trained teams of electricians, plumbers and F-gas Engineers to complete your work efficiently and to the highest standard or workmanship.  Our experience extends to over 2,000 thermodynamic installations within the UK.

You will receive a completion call once the work has been finished, to check that you’re satisfied with the quality of your installation and that the working area has been left clean and tidy.

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