We will never again run out of hot water

thermodynamics solar assisted heat pump for hot water

We have installed a thermodynamic system with TDUK as we are passionate about green energy, expect savings on our utility bills and a return on our investment over time. Furthermore, it came with the offering of a pressurised water system, meaning that we were able to get rid of our noisy water pump. We have also managed to increase our hot water capacity from 120 litres to 200 litres, so we will never again run out of hot water. A high quality installation is of utmost importance, and it was likely to be a straight forward process, but it wasn’t for us. A very thorough technical survey has flagged many challenges about working in a confined space, compatibility with existing arrangements once pressurising the water system, just to name a few. However, the technical team has found a solution for each problem after the survey and worked tirelessly during the installation process to deliver what has been promised.

Mr & Mrs Paladi-Kovacs